Key Facts


  • Total coastline of 7,200 kilometres.
  • The capital is Ankara.
  • Population of approximately 67 million people.
  • It takes approximately 4½ hours to travel by air to Turkey from the UK. You can also drive and take the ferry from Greece.
  • You can stay for a maximum of 3 months on a standard entry visa, this can be extended for a further 3 months. If you wish to stay longer you need to consult the Turkish Consulate.
  • You can use Lira, Euro and Stirling to pay for goods, and many places take credit cards but do check first.
  • In 2002 Turkey achieved a growth in tourism of 13.6%.
  • You can open a bank account at one of the many banks, you will need your address and proof of identity.
  • Most European health insurances apply in Turkey and will be accepted.
  • In 2002 the property market was opened up and now British people can purchase property in Turkey.
  • Taxes and Duties are lower in Turkey than in most European countries. Turkey is still going through a large growth period and people purchasing over the next few years can count on an attractive return on their investment.

Helpful Hints

  • British passport holders are required to pay a visa charge, the current charge for this is £10.00 per person including infants. Scottish notes will not be accepted.
  • The flight time from the UK is 4 to 4½ hours and flights are from many UK airports.
  • A typical three course meal without wine would cost between £6 – £7.50.
  • A bottle of local wine would cost from £2 and a glass of beer 50p.
  • In Turkey the currency is Turkish Lira, however Sterling is accepted in most places. Also travellers cheques can be changed at most hotels and supermarkets. Visa and Mastercard is also widely taken.
  • Turkish is the national language however English is widely spoken.
  • Water shortages do occur in Turkey, mainly in high season, and may result in shortages for a short periods of time, usually the disruption is minimal.
  • The voltage is 220 volts, the same as the UK however you will need an adapter.
  • As in other Mediterranean countries mosquitos are present, ensure you take a good repellent ,and use an electric machine in your room.
  • The climate of Turkey is good all year round however in the summer is not unusual for temperatures to pass 30°c.
  • The Dolmus is the local form of transport, these follow a specific route and are more economical than a taxi.
  • You must have at least six months on your passport – further information click here or call the Passport Helpline on 0870 521 0410 (Calls are charged at national rate).