The Turkish Election - Re Run Result

Posted On: 26 June, 2019 In Blog

´Turkey won this election, not a single party´ - those were the words spoken by the victor Ekrem ?mamo?lu, with his party (CHP) gaining a majority of 54%, from 10 million votes in the recent re-run. Ready to work with the President and aiming to meet with him as soon as possible he went on to add ´the people have protected the tradition of democracy, and it is them who are the heroes of today´.

Yet to see how much of an impact this will have on Istanbul and Turkey as a whole, there was a slight rally on what is already a strong Lira, and it is widely expected that there will now be a positive change, and Investors who may have held off recently will dive back in to the market, snapping up the many bargains that are available in the city that accounts for almost of a third of Turkey´s overall GDP.

What is becoming clear is that a new positive era should mean renewed confidence, and if the parties can work together in peaceful harmony, then Turkey will continue to grow in all areas including the economy, infrastructure, transport & property.

For potential home buyers here, or Investors, it´s business as usual. Excellent properties can still be found at amazing prices, and with people looking further afield due to the uncertainty of Brexit, Turkey can still offer the dream home you are looking for.

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