Istanbul Airport flies 16 million passengers in just three months

Posted On: 5 July, 2019 In Blog

Between April and July the new airport in Istanbul has served a total of 15.99 million passengers since it took over air traffic from Ataturk airport. Records show in just three months Istanbul airport welcomed 4 million domestic passengers and 11.95 million international passengers.

June saw 5.98 million passengers travel via Istanbul airport making it 7.4% higher than the number of passengers that used Ataturk airport in June last year.

In June the IGA group introduced an automated passport control system  which helps passengers get through to customs much quicker as the system used will have passengers use face recognition and fingerprints for verification making the process run smoothly and more efficiently. At the present time there are 30 automated passport counters available in the new airport.    

An announcment was made in June by the IGA group that Istanbul airport was one of the 10 airport candidates in the "Airport of the Year" of "Reader's Choice 2019" in the International Airport Review.

By 2028 all four phases of the airport will be complete serving 200 million passengers per year.

Source: Hurriyet News

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