Sirince - Seriously worth a Visit

Posted On: 4 July, 2019 In Blog

Situated about 12 km from the ancient city of Ephesus and with its traditional Turkish-Greek Houses under the protection of UNESCO World Heritage, the village of Sirince is the very essence of ´cuteness´ perfectly embedding itself in an area of outstanding beauty. Originally called ´Cirkince´ the locals changed its name in 1926 to fully reflect its surroundings, and since then, its grown to become one of the most famous villages in Aegean Turkey, renowned for its local wine production & vineyards.

Due to its unique position and with the locals knowledge of the area it’s somewhat of a ´heaven´ for fertility and the fields are abundant with olive orchards & fruit trees, of which all the produce is available for purchase in the many little shops & bazaars that have sprung up throughout the cobbled streets. Respecting their ancestors and wishing to keep the village traditional, singing to the tune of a bygone era, you won´t see anything modern here as cars are banned, so many people either traverse the cobbles on foot or use a horse & cart.

Freedom is often associated with the village of Sirince, as it was originally founded by freed slaves and so here you´ll find welcoming & peaceful people where souvenirs are handcrafted items, and mingling with the locals will give you more than enough facts and stories to discuss on the journey home. The homes may be simple to the likes of you and me, but they display a perfect air of nostalgic roots and old architecture, all painstakingly & lovingly built by hand.

Certainly don´t leave the village without trying the cuisine from either one or a few of the restaurants here, where they serve the best Turkish Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner with ingredients from the local area.

Attractions that are also worth visiting include the remains of the Aziz Dimitrios Church, and nearby there is a carpet weaving village, where you can watch artisans at their work, spinning, weaving and dying.

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