Sheikh of Dubai arrives in Bodrum

Posted On: 5 July, 2019 In Blog

Sheikh Abdullah Al Futtaim arrived in Bodrum in luxury, as his ´Radiant´ yacht glided into the beautiful bay. Completed in 2009 and built by Tim Heywood & Glenn Pushelberg the yacht is truly a wonder, with a total length of 110m, a top speed of 21 knots, and an estimated range of at least 6000 nautical miles.

Originally built for the Russian Billionaire Boris Berezovsky, and costing €148m, up to 20 guests are well looked after across 10 cabins by a highly trained crew of up to 44 members. For everyone´s safety aboard, it´s said that there is also a powerful water cannon installed, in case any pirates see the yacht as an easy catch!

Now in the posession of the Al Futtaim family (at a cost of €240m) it also offers luxuries that include a helipad, gymnasium, Cinema and a Spa. Radiant also has one of the higest security specs ever found on a luxury yacht, but that´s really no surprise given who the owners are now...

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