Fethiye - A land of Activity

Posted On: 22 August, 2019 In Blog

With so much to see and do in Fethiye for both tourists and locals it´s no surprise that it´ has become somewhat of a magnet in recent years, attracting thousands of people from all over the world, some of which choose to make it their new home. In this article we are going to cover just some of the amazing sights that make this destination a must see….

The sea and ocean have always played a part in the history of the world, helping to forge new empires where cities flourished and civilizations grew. The Marina and Harbour in Fethiye Town Centre is just of one of three excellent nautical centres on the Turkish Riviera and to this day still plays a key role in how the town functions. Traditional gulet boats sail in and out, fisherman return with their catch ready for market and international yachts from around the world bring visitors wishing to experience the joys of Fethiye for themselves. A constant hive of activity, if you´re a lover of fresh fish and seafood, then a trip to the local fish market is certainly a must, where ´catch of the day´ truly means ´catch of the day´. Working very similar to a buffet style restaurant, you can choose what you want, take it to a nearby restaurant and hey presto they´ll cook it how you like and eh voila, in no time at all. If you don´t fancy the buffet, you can always eat on site from one of their many little open air café´s and restaurants too – the choice is yours.

If you want somewhere a little quieter to reflect on life, or if you want to feel like a piece of history then a visit to Paspatur could be just for you. This is the old town of Fethiye and it is full of small shops, café´s, local bars and eateries that will leave you happily satisfied throughout the day or night, as it can come alive after dark with live music pouring out of the taverns and restaurants.

Internationally renowned, and part of the UNESCO World Friendship & Peace list Kayakoy is situated just eight kilometres from Fethiye, and is a very popular tourist destination for holidaymakers. Once a thriving community at the turn of the 20th century it slowly became a ghost town due to events outside of it´s inhabitants control, first World War 1 and second the Turkish War of Independence. Now very quiet and peaceful it contains ruins of churches, schools and hundreds of houses, all of which were once busy but now lay bare telling a sad story of abandonment and heartbreak. It´s that poignant a place though that it features not only in a book written by Louis Bernieres, but also in the film ´The Water Diviner´ starring Russel Crowe. In 2014 there were plans submitted to the government to auction off the village and build a new commercial development with hotels, restaurants and bars, and though there was dismay that the site would be dismantled and history would again be lost to the modern world, planning permission was granted, however, no work has been carried out to date though….

We certainly can´t leave without discussing Saklikent, a magical landmark situated just 31 miles outside the centre, and well worth a day trip if you have the time. It´s labelled as one of the biggest and best in the world and it´s really no surprise given the walls reach a staggering 300 metres high. Literally meaning hidden city, 2.5 miles of the gorge is open for walking, however should you choose to be more of a spectator there is a man-made platform near the entrance from where you can take in the beautiful scenery. At the right time of year, the river which gushes through the gorge is full of trout and there is always a rip roaring trade here from the restaurants who want to all give you their take on a fresh supper! With a typical Turkish ambience, and laid back service, you really don´t need to worry about a thing, and you can sit back, relax and enjoy!

In terms of other exciting attractions that Fethiye has to offer, it´s also worth pointing out the Lycian Rock Tombs built by the Lycians for a healthy and prosperous second life, Oludeniz with it´s distinct charm, Hisaronu with its beautiful scenery and of course Calis Beach, one of the best in the Mediterranean.

In terms of infrastructure it is constantly improving as a whole across Turkey, but here in Fethiye it´s already one of the best with excellent transport links to all the afore mentioned activities and places…

A dream come true if you are considering buying property here or if you are just a tourist, and if there is anything we can help with at all, please contact us and let´s have a chat!

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