The Ancient City of Ephesus

Posted On: 24 September, 2019 In Blog

Ephesus is a "must see" historical landmark when visiting Turkey, records even show that a whopping 14 million visitors per year come to see it. People say that if the success of Ephesus had continued then it would have even rivalled Rome.

Not only was Ephesus an importance as an Aegean trading port but it was also a very important part of Christianity. History shows us that Saint John, Saint Paul and the Virgin Mary spent time at Ephesus. The famous Artemis riots also took place here in the large theatre.

There is much to see at Ephesus. You will be able to see the Celsius library, temples, old roman houses and even the public latrines.

Besides the Ephesus there are many other attractions to visit. Spending a few nights in Selcuk is recommened so you can visit other historic sites like Saint John's basilica, or the Temple of Artemis, or explore the Virgin Mary house where she spent her very last days.    

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