Stronger UK-Turkey Ties If Brexit Happens

Posted On: 17 September, 2019 In Blog

The process of Brexit and Brexit itself still hangs in the balance, but that hasn’t stopped Mr Ermut (head of the Turkish Presidency´s Investment Office) coming out in strong support of more trade with the UK.

The second largest destination for Turkish exports, up 15.7% since 2017, the UK is a target for continued growth in foreign trade, which currently stands at around $11.2 billion in revenue.

With 3,000 British businesses actively operating in Turkey, with Tourism numbers constantly on the rise and with many more people choosing Turkey in which to Invest, buy property and start a new life, Remzi Gur (Chairman of the Foreign Economic Relations Board´s Turkey-UK Business Council) said ´Mutual Business and Investment opportunities should be explored with Turkey ready to take all sorts of political and economic steps on this issue´

He went on to add that ´Both countries have joint construction and infrastructure projects in line with their common interests in third countries, and they have also decided to collaborate on several issues such as defence and space´.

Though neither side of the negotiation table seems to want to leave without a deal in place, already predictions in Turkey from Ruhsar Pekcan (the Trade Minister) is that should a deal fail to come to fruition, trade between the UK & Turkey could drop by as much as $3 billion, a prospect that no one really wants to entertain.

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