Most Turkish Meals start with Soup ......

Posted On: 7 October, 2019 In Blog

The Turkish like to begin their meals at lunchtime and in the evening with a bowl of soup. There is such an incredibly rich variety of soups available, each kind is made in different ways, in different regions and all types of ingredients are used.  

There is 'paca' soup which is made from sheep trotter and is seasoned with flour and buffalo yoghurt. There is 'ezogelin' soup which is made from tomatoes, lentils and rice. This particular soup dates all the way back to the 11th century when the first Turksmen came over to south east Anatolia.

There is 'beyran' soup made from lamb shank and rice, 'borsch' soup which is a broth type soup made with calf bones and there is also a 'gumbo' soup which is not a traditional Turkish soup, but they make it with zemzem the holy water for Muslims.

Other popular soups include tripe soup, lentil soup, fish soup and pumpkin soup.

Watch out for next weeks main courses to try ......  

Source: Hurriyet Daily News

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