Check out these top 10 Turkish street foods

Posted On: 2 November, 2019 In Blog

While Turkey does offer some fantastic places to sit back, relax and enjoy some world class cuisine, it also offers some amazing foods located on the streets. Check out these top 10 Turkish street foods!!

You will be sure to find in most cities and towns a vendor providing a delicious meatball sandwich. This juicy sandwich comes with sliced tomatoes, peppers, onions and mixed seasonings.

There is also the popular fish sandwich which is commonly found on the streets of Istanbul where there are many fish markets on the piers around the city. This sandwich again comes with mixed seasonings and flavours.

Next we have the Albanian style liver. This meaty dish is a fried, diced mutton liver which is served with potatoes and onions on the side. Don't let the name fool you, this food does not actually come from Albania, it comes from Ottoman Istanbul whre it was first discovered by Albanians.

Another popular meaty choice is the doner. This is a yummy wrap which comes with either chicken or beef, a very popular choice for fast food.   

This next street food is called kokorec. This is a spicy dish with its main ingredient being sheep intestines, which is then grilled and mixed with tomatoes and green peppers. People can be hesitant at first when hearing the main ingredient, but it has come to be a favourite with those who love a bit of spice.   

Here we have a traditional dish known as tantuni which comes from the Mersin province but has become a favourite throughout Turkey. It is made with minced red meat which is seasoned giving off lots of flavours all served in a lavash.

We now have lahmacun which is known as a 'Turkish pizza'. This delicious food is made with a variety of rich ingredients all put on top of a dough base. It is incredibly cheap to make, but is a very yummy option when wanting a quick bite.

Another food that looks like lahmacun is pide. This dish is again made with a dough base, but it is thicker and in a boat shape. This dish comes with a wider range of ingredients to suit everyones taste.

This next dish is called cig kofte (steak tarta a la turca) and it is traditionally from the southeastern region of Anatolia. Cig Kofte is made with bulgur, hot red pepper flakes, tomatoes and onions, all of which are then served in a lettuce leaf seasoned with lemon and pomegranate molasses. Today this food is now a vegan dish and does not come with any meat.

Last of all we have stuffed meatballs, The balls are made from bulgur and the filling is seasoned minced meat. They do take a long time to prepare, but are worth the wait. People all over Turkey enjoy this little treat.     

Source: Hurriyet Daily News

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