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Posted On: 5 November, 2019 In Blog

We are going to take another look at other types of popular Turkish foods.

A dish called borek is a classic street food but is also a traditonal breakfast food. Borek is made up of two crispy thin layers of phyllo dough filled with cheese, potatoes, ground beef or sometimes spinach is used. This dish dates all the way back from the Ottoman period.     

Another traditional breakfast food is simit which is a crunchy round shaped bagel coated in sesame seeds. Simit is a popular choice for everyone and often is enjoyed at every type of meal.

Now moving onto desserts.Firstly there is a dessert known as wafer halva which are served on wagons which can be seen all over Turkey. Wafer halva is light dessert usually served with ice cream and is loved by everyone.

We also have lokma/tulumba/halka desserts. These syrup soaked pastries come in all different shapes. They are a big hit with people of all ages and are the perfect street dessert.  

Now for something that everyone loves, especially in the summertime, ice cream!! 

Ice cream that is sold on the streets of Turkey is known as Maras style ice cream. The difference between this and original ice cream is that is made with salep which is a hot drink made up of milk and orchid roots. There are many different flavours to choose from.

Source: Hurriyet Daily News

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