Property Sales in Turkey, where, who…..

Posted On: 29 October, 2019 In Blog

Recent records show that up to the end of August this year Turkish Property Sales have had a 5.1% increase. Several factors have resulted in the increased figure. One major factor was the cut in central bank rates which helped boost the economy, plus the State Banks reduced their interest rate on home purchases.       

Property sales to foreigners has increased by 64.5% and records show that most of these sales where in Istanbul, Antalya and Bursa. Quite a number of buyers where from the Gulf countries, but we are also beginning to see interest from the Chinese market aswell.

We are seeing more Europeans purchasing holiday homes in the more traditional seaside resorts, especially for those who are looking to retire in the near future.

With the country becoming more and more stable, the offer of citizenship against a 250,000USD purchase will see Turkish Property making its way back up the property rankings. Don't miss out!!

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