Easyjet and Jet2 take up slots for 2020

Posted On: 12 November, 2019 In Blog

With the crash of Thomas Cook it seems other airlines have managed to grab a few good deals.

It has been reported that budget airline Easy Jet has just bought flight slots from Thomas Cook at the airports of Gatwick and Bristol for a massive £36 million. Easy Jet can now schedule more flights as there has been an increase in Summer and Winter slots. Easy Jet did have some competition for the slots at Gatwick from BA, Whizz Air and Virgin but managed to succeed.   

It is not just Easy Jet which has snatched itself a good deal, Jet2.com has bought landing slots from Thomas Cook at Manchester, Stansted and Birmingham airports.   

Holidaymakers are going to have alot more choice and flexibility now when booking flights.

Ryanair are also using the crash of Thomas Cook as an opportunity as they are trying to expand their Austrian brand Lauda by scouting planes and pilots that have been released from Thomas Cook.

Not only have the airlines benefited from this, it has also been reported that travel agency Hays Travel would be purchasing all of the remaining 555 stores from Thomas Cook and will be employing as many of its staff as possible.    

Source: Mirror

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