Latest Property Purchase Figures

Posted On: 14 November, 2019 In Blog

Europeans are leading the way, but with the Gulf Countries and China heavily contributing, Turkish Property Sales have increased at a steady pace this year, resulting officially in a 5.1% increase up to the end of August.

Popular areas for property purchases include the seaside resorts where holiday homes have always excelled, but heavy investment in Istanbul & Antalya has bought about an emerging market for investment property and buy to let purchases.

A wide array of factors have led to the increase, the most important being the cut in central bank rates and a reduction in the interest charged for house purchases. Along with the increased tourism, constant increase in the Infrastructure & transport networks in towns to meet growing demand, a strong Lira & the offer of citizenship in return for a 250,000 USD purchase, it´s all led to a boost in the economy and made Turkey a more interesting prospect for foreign buyers.

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