Hollywood Couple visits Istanbul

Posted On: 7 January, 2020 In Blog

Hollywood stars Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones arrived in Istanbul on January 3rd. The couple have been on a world tour celebrating 20 years of marriage. Before making their way to Istanbul, the couple had been to the East African island of Zanzibar.  

The couple travelled over to Istanbul with their two children via Turkish Airlines from Darussalam. The family then checked into their hotel in the upmarket area of Nisantasi where they shall be staying until January 8th.

The couple enjoyed lunch in Bebek at a fish restaurant and then took a cruise on Bosphorus. They even stopped by a candy store in Balat and posed for a photo as Catherine Zeta-Jones's father was a former confectionery. Reports say that the family will also be exploring the 550 year old historical shopping arcade in Istanbul.      

Catherine Zeta-Jones has been documenting her travels with her husband and children and has been posting special moments from their journey on her istagram page.   

The award-winning actress stated in an interview that she has in fact been over to Turkey several times and that she particulary loved the Grand Bazaar.

Source: Hurriyet Daily News

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