New Routes for Turkish Airlines This Year

Posted On: 12 February, 2020 In Blog

Already classed as a major player and a giant in the world of Aviation Turkish Airlines is continuing to expand and grow this year, with further routes set to open which include Malabo, Tokyo, Newark, New Jersey, & Vancouver, which has all come about from the demand from the 68 million passengers they carried last year, which consisted of 28.3 million on domestic flights & 40.4 million on International flights.

Having moved to the new Istanbul airport in 2019, which is capable of welcoming 200 million per year, and with still a few phases left to build, it's six runways will be able to giveway to 100 airlines flying to over 300 destinations. Ayci - who is the chairman of Turkish Airlines said that 'once the third runway is built planes can land while others take off every 43 seconds, equating to 2000 planes per day'

Currently the airline ranks 10th in the world, and they have the fourth youngest fleet, but with their ambitious plans, they are soon to climb higher as they invest in another 28 planes later in 2020, taking the total number to 379 aircraft, helping with passenger flow and capacity, which already increased 2.7% in 2019, despite unfavorable conditions.

With no signs of things slowing down, Istanbul Aiport's remaining four phases not set to be completed until 2028, and further Investment planned, it's full throttle for Turkey's flagship carrier.

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