Sleeping Pods available at Sabiha Gokcen Airport

Posted On: 2 March, 2020 In Blog

Sabiha Gokcen Airport has recently announced that they will be offering passengers a new form of sleeping pod for those wanting to sleep during long connections at the airport. This has come after the newly built Istanbul Airport opened up a private area offering passengers a chance to catch up on sleep between flights.

Once passengers have arrived at the airport they will go through check-in procedures on a device that has been specially made for them. The passengers will then go through to the lounge area using QR codes and will enter the sleeping pods. There will be storage cabinets available for belongings.

The sleeping pods will be available for hire for around 7 euros per hour. For this price passengers will have access to internet service, unlimited free hot drinks, a TV and a comfy bed to sleep on.

This announcement has come at a great time as more UK flights are flying via Sabiha Gokcen with Pegasus Airlines increasing capacity into Turkey.  

Source: Property Turkey

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