Turkey Shows it's Appreciation for frontline workers

Posted On: 27 March, 2020 In Blog

At a time when the world is experiencing heartache and pain due to the Covid 19 virus, faith in humanity has never been higher, and every evening at 9pm, along with many other countries, the people of Turkey step onto their balconies and into their gardens in force to show appreciation for their fellow peers in all walks of life, who are working hard to slow the spread of infection.

Starting at 9pm and grabbing the nearest noise making utensil, including pots and pans, the noise of clapping, banging and cheering spreads out over the towns and villages thanking those are on the frontlines.

In terms of Turkey’s response to this ever changing situation, they were quick to react banning large gatherings and shutting down libraries, bars, restaurants, café’s and all non-essential shops. Flights to and from Europe have also stopped, and stricter border controls have been implemented to protect citizens.

Turkey’s president Recep Tayyip Erdogan has sought to re-assure people that there is no shortage of any product with ‘a plentiful supply of food, resources and medical items’. He went on to say ‘I hope we will get through this difficult process together, as long as we abide by the rules and directions’.