Nature & The Environment are on a 'winning streak'

Posted On: 21 April, 2020 In Blog

We all know the effects that Covid-19 has taken on the human population of this world and whilst we are under lockdown inside, nature is benefitting the most and it’s the other species we share our lands with that have taken advantage.

Turkey is no different, and though just a few months ago our streets and open parks were full of people enjoying the sunshine, they are now home to mountain goats, storks and bears, all of whom no longer fear our towns and cities as they become void of human life.

‘We haven’t yet seen our animals using the Traffic Light system’ says Jayne from Turkish Connextions, ‘but it’s great to stop for a moment and appreciate the wildlife that you wouldn’t normally come across in your day to day life’.

Dolphins and whales have also been spotted in greater numbers as the lack of ships has meant a reduction in sound & vibration under the waves, which normally scares them off, and the Istanbul Gov. Ali Yerlikaya who shared some video footage of the dolphins wrote ‘now it is their turn to enjoy Istanbul’.

A key topic which was being debated all over the world even before Covid-19 struck, and which has gained momentum significantly over the last few weeks, has been the impact of our carbon emissions on our planet, and how we can reduce overall pollution levels. Well, not surprisingly, with virtually no traffic both on the ground & in the air, it’s caused a ‘plunge effect’ with nitrogen dioxide pollution decreasing by 36% in Istanbul and 45% in Ankara.

We all wait with baited breath now as to when things will bounce back to normal, and bounce back they will, but it will be an interesting time ahead, as we understand more about our surroundings, nature and how better we can look after them.

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