Turkey could be favored as the top summer destination

Posted On: 27 April, 2020 In Blog

A programme on German TV channel Welt-TV announced on Thurdsay that Turkey is going to be this years top summer destination for its German tourists due to how well the country has handled the pandemic of COVID 19.

Turkey has been taking very positive steps on how to face the pandemic. According to the tourism minister, Turkey is getting ready to launch an internationally certification system for coronavirus-free tourism areas and facilities to help revive the industry.

It has been siad that Turkish hotels will no longer be offering an open buffet at their all inclusive resorts and will be switching to set menus and breakfast plates. Members of staff working in the hotel restaurants will also be tested for communicable diseases.

The tourism minister has also stated that domestic tourism in Turkey could be back to normal by the end of May.

European hotspots such as Spain, France and Italy will no longer be a favored destination by tourists as they still face alot of problems of the pandemic and cannot gaurantee the saftey of tourists. It looks like domestic tourism activites may take place within these countries, but it seems pretty unlikely international travel will be occurring until the end of the year.  

Source: Daily Sabah

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