The start of the New Normal begins

Posted On: 6 May, 2020 In Blog

So some positive news this morning Turkish Airlines produces flight plan commencing June. Domestic Flights will also commence and international flights.

'Turkey's national flag carrier will resume domestic flights in June and reintroduce international flights gradually.

The three-month flight plan, starting in June will include Turkish Airlines flying to 22 destinations in 19 countries, including Canada, Kazakhstan, Afghanistan, Japan, China, South Korea, Singapore, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Norway, Austria, the Netherlands, Belgium, Belarus, Israel, Kuwait, Georgia, and Lebanon, with a weekly frequency of 75 flights.

The airline is projected to operate 60% of domestic flights to all destinations, and then will add destinations in July and August. 

Other destinations will be reviewed but possibly slot into the next wave of additions later in August/September.

Hopefully the slowly approach, and monitoring of the situation relating to Covid 19, the transition back to the new normal will continue.

Read the full report below

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