Turkey's Education System Goes Online

Posted On: 9 May, 2020 In Blog

When news of Covid-19 first struck across the globe, there was much debate on the effect that it would have on children & education, and therefore in order to protect not just them, but staff and parents, decisions were made to close all education establishments and try to switch to other methods so lessons could continue in the best way possible…

Turkey has been no different and though previously parents took over the ‘classroom’ and living rooms were converted to schools, now they are launching digital courses that will be available online or via the television, complete with both student & teacher involvement.

The curriculum introduced will continue with the normal subjects such as Turkish, English, Maths, Geography, and will be in 20 minute blocks starting from 9am, and all will be supplied via the Education Information Network. Yusuf Kirac from Turk Telecom Technology has confirmed that ’18 million students will be using the system, backed up by over 40,000 schools accessing the infrastructure’. He went on to add that Turk Telecom won’t have any issues meeting additional demand for the increased web traffic utilised by the system.

As with most countries, many education professionals including teachers themselves, have expressed that the main problem is not putting the technology in place, nor is it providing the lessons, it’s actually keeping the students motivated in environments that are usually associated with play and rest. The learning environments they have been used to in the traditional classroom has changed dramatically and it will take time for students (especially the younger ones) to re-adjust. Of course, teachers will do the best they can with the situation, and it’s vital that students don’t fall behind, but only time will tell the true effect that this will have on our young population.

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