The start of the New Normal begins Monday 1st June - Turkey's success story against the Covid-19

Posted On: 28 May, 2020 In Blog

It's been a long time since early March when Turkey's President started placing tough restrictions on the people of Turkey tonight in his speech restrictions have finally been rested.

From Monday 1 June:

Life will return to the new normal across the whole of Turkey.

Major restrictions to be lifted, but if was stressed all subject to wearing masks, social distancing and hygiene regulations, but any area or city could find themselves back into lock down if things not adhered to

Nationwide Travel restrictions lifted.
Restaurants, cafes, teahouses etc all can open till 10pm
Seasides, parks, swimming pools, boat trips, museums, monuments to open

Hotels prepare to meet new certification requirements to open this month

Mosques reopen with restrictions in place 

Turkish Football to recommence 12th June behind closed doors.

International flights commence 12th June but to select limited countries to start.

Still closed will be bars and nargile salons etc

Leisure and entertainment to remain closed for now

Final Weekend lockdown will apply in 15 cities 30/31 May for a final weekend

Sadly but just for now,
Over 65s to remain under curfew except Sundays 2pm to 8pm
Under 18s (reduced from 20) also at home except Weds and Fridays 2pm to 8pm


Read this interesting article from the BBC outlining the reason for Turkey's success again Covid - 19

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