Turkey Opens Her Beaches...

Posted On: 1 June, 2020 In Blog

Warning signs, social distancing, nine square meter sunbathing compartments, disinfection works, turnstiles & mask use when in the market – these are the new measures approved for the re-opening of the beautiful beach at Konyaalti in Antalya.

Everyone loves hitting the beach, especially during the Summer, and the Turkish government know that as much as anyone, but with Covid-19 still a risk, it’s a careful and cautious approach ensuring health and safety is one of the top priorities.

Though there will be no official restriction on the numbers of people allowed to visit, there will be procedures in place designed to keep to the strict social guidelines that have been implemented, the main one being the nine square meter sunbathing compartments, which when left empty will then be disinfected thoroughly before the next person occupies it.

Where there are changing cabins and showers, these will also be open to a queuing system with social distancing lanes, and will also be thoroughly disinfected throughout the day.

For those that smoke, there will also be designated smoking areas on the beach, and plenty of bins for the ends, to avoid contamination if one is dropped.

Don’t think you’ll be able to get away with anything either, as the authorities will be checking to ensure that the Beach Management & the tourists (who will be allowed from June 1st) are following the rules.

Yes, it’s time to enjoy ourselves, and make full use of what’s going to be a glorious Summer, but, it has to be done safely, for all involved!

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