Renewable Resources produce 66% of Turkey's Electricity in first 5 months of the 2020

Posted On: 8 June, 2020 In Blog

In the first five months of 2020 Turkey produced 66% of its electricity supply from local and renewable resources the countrys Energy and resources Minister reported.

This is the result of long term investments,  and that turkey hopes to fully utilize its local and renewable energy resources to support its developement to help reduce bneing dependent on energy imports moving forwards.

2019 saw electricity production from local and renewable resources account for a total of 62%, but on May 24th of this year it hit an all time record and accounted for 90%.  Things are clear we need local and renewable.

Resources came from Hydroelectricity, wind, local coal, geo thermal, solar and from biomass.

International Energy Agency (IEA), Turkey's renewalable energy capacity is predicted to reach 63 GW by the year 2024 placing Turkey in Europe's top five and 11th worldwide in term of renewable capactity.

Source: Daily Sabah

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