Turkey's Water Taxi - Calis to Fethiye

Posted On: 9 July, 2020 In Blog

A trip to Fethiye is not complete without experiencing the route from Fethiye to Calis by Water taxi, a far more comfortable and exciting journey than taking the car, bicycle, or walking. Okay, it’s not the quickest, we appreciate that, but on a warm summer day and with it costing just 13 Lira for a one way trip it’s inexcusable not to at least try it!

The trip lasts around half an hour and on your journey, you’ll expect to see the lovely views across the Bay, stunning scenery of the mountains & valleys, & the amazing nature on offer including kingfishers, cormorants and swallows. It’s also a very relaxing ride too, as the boats are not built for speed but built for comfort as they drift along the water with their softly spoken engines cutting a smooth path through the water.

The scenery changes depending on the time of day too (the sunsets are amazing out here) and which direction you are travelling as you can go from Calis to Fethiye or Fethiye to Calis, so don’t rule out a return journey, and if you fancy a spot of lunch/dinner or refreshments before heading back in either of the towns then there’s plenty of bars and restaurants that you can choose from along the promenades, most of them serving fresh Turkish cuisine.

Even now with the Covid-19 regulations you shouldn’t look past it, as the management have taken precautions to ensure your safety on board. This includes temperature checks, facemasks, regular cleaning and decontamination spray cubicles before you board.

Don’t forget our ‘sea code’ when your are on board too, wave to the other boats, or be prepared to walk the plank! Enjoy!

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