British Returning to Turkey once again

Posted On: 13 July, 2020 In Blog

So holidays are back on the menu again for anyone looking to holiday in Turkey. With quarantine free travel tourists are slowly bnut surely starting to return.

Early in July the UK Government included Turkey in its list of safe countries to holiday in this summer, and from mid July the flights will start rolling in, capacity set to increase into August. with more charter planes arriving.  UK Tourists are set to arrive and half a million may make it yet despite the slow start due to the covid situation to hit all countries earlier in the year.

Tourism around the world has taken a major hit, but from June, Turkey has started to claw back its numbers, Antalya was first to see tourists arrive and by the first week in July 27.000  had arrived in this week alone.

Fethiye a forever popoular resort for us Brits, is now looking forwards again to the summer months, Hilton Dalaman resport's now with the British taking to the skies, occupancy will rise to 55 percent, something a few months ago no one ever thought would happen this year.

As countries start to lift restrictions, so these numbers will increase, Germany should be the next big tourism market to arrive.

No need to worry though, Turkey have thought it all through and with strick restrictions for hotels, bars, restaurants, beaches in place you will be in safe hands.

Happy Holidays.

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