Bodrum Castle Reopens after restoration works

Posted On: 29 June, 2020 In Blog

Cultural Tourim Minisiter Mehmet Nure Ersoy says, the tourist resort of Bodrum on the Aegeam will be a centre for Cultural activities.

Restorations works at Bodrum Castle began in October 2017. The first phase of the restoration was completed on Museum Day, May 18, last year. 

June 28th saw the opening ceremony to mark the reopening of the Castle after long restoration works costing some 93,million Turkish liras ($13.5 million) so far and the third phase of the restoration will be completed by the end of the year with a  total cost of around 100 million Turkish Liras ($14.5 million), according to data given by the minister.  who is quoted as saying,  “Bodrum is one of the most important spots in Turkey not only with its archeological values but also with its cultural values.

The opening was delayed due to covid by 40 days,  but now Italian, German, French and Spanish towers of the castle, Beauty of Karia exhibition hall and the building of the wreck of Serçe Harbor are open to public.

A stage inside the castle hosting 1,300 spectators will also open, Ersoy said, adding that the cultural activities in the castle will start on July, and around 1,100 square meters of closed exhibition area will be open to public.

“One of the values of this treasure is the Underwater Archeology Museum,” said  Bodrum's Mayor Aras, who thanked the tourism minister for closely following every stage of the restoration works.

The castle is now partly open to visitors between 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. everyday.