The Magic of Kalkan

Posted On: 7 August, 2020 In Blog

Kalkan is a city like no other, where history combines with modern society so well, it’s as if a genie escaped from their lamp overnight and spread their magic all around, so that everyone in the world could enjoy it’s beauty and charm, whatever they were looking for in a holiday or a place to call home.

Situated on the Turquoise coast it was originally a tiny fishing village, and it’s now well established harbour, even though full to the brim with modern yachts and water sports facilities, still accommodates the nets and boats of the fishermen, many of whom still head out early in the morning to catch the fish, which will be offered up as your ‘fish of the day’ in one of the many local restaurants serving the finest Turkish cuisine.

An area of once great importance, and home  to the Ancient Lycians many years ago you cannot miss out on seeing the ancient sites and tombs of this once great nation, which are spread around much of modern day Kalkan, and you also can’t miss the old town famous for it’s white washed houses, and the ‘white mosque’ once home to a fabulous church.

As much as history will always attract people to an area, the category in which Kalkan really excels is the beaches, and two of the best are Kaputas & Patara, located just a 10 or 20 minute drive away from the town. Kaputas beach is famous for being one of Turkey’s most photographed locations, whilst Patara offers itself to the Caretta Turtle who uses it as their nesting ground during the off season.

Of course, where there are tourists, there’s always restaurants and here you definitely won’t be disappointed, as there’s local cuisine such as the delicious Turkish Meze, and plenty of seafood options, plus an array of other International culinary delights with both Greek & Italian dishes hitting the menus.  

Due to it’s fine location Kalkan is also a great place in which to stay and have a base whilst exploring further afield, and there’s plenty of excursions you can choose from such as the trips to Kekova, Kas, Saklikent Gorge, The Green Lake & Elmali.

If you do choose to come to Kalkan, then there’s plenty of accommodation options for you, including space in the harbour for your yacht, if you are lucky enough to own one! There’s a number of private rentals available, there’s some amazing hotels, and there’s also a number of properties available for sale too, should you wish to make this area your new home!

For any further information on Kalkan, including renting or buying/selling here, please do speak with Turkish Connextions, we’d be delighted to help you…

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