Turkey - The Choice is Yours

Posted On: 17 August, 2020 In Blog

So you’ve decided that Turkey is the place for you, and that’s great news, so firstly welcome to this beautiful country, we hope you have a long and prosperous life here, but with so many towns and cities each of which have their own unique charm and reasons for living there, where do you settle?

Well, it really depends on what you class yourself as, but let’s start with Istanbul - a place that many expats call home and mainly to those who are still working in a professional capacity or are studying. Economically, culturally and historically it’s one of the biggest capitals in the world, and with more and more investment pumped into it each year, it’s becoming a massive hub for International Trade, Finance and Learning, which doesn’t show signs of stopping any time soon. Many of the largest firms across many different Industries already have offices here, and there’s a plethora of academic and language learning international schools, so it’s not generally a problem finding work or finding a place at a place of education.

If you do choose Istanbul then there are a few neighbourhoods that are worth looking at, which include Cihangir (known as the acting and artists scene, so expect lots of life and color), Besiktas (known mainly for it’s younger crowd, English teachers, great transport links & the football team), Emirgan all the way to Arnavutkoy (the coastal districts which offer a more relaxed way of life) and the Kadikoy area (which is more your all way round living style, suitable for both professionals and students).

If, however, you’ve finished your working life and are choosing Turkey in which to live out your retirement, then you are going to be looking at places like Izmir, Antalya, Mugla, Gumbet, Yalikavak and of course, Bodrum. Izmir for example is now Turkey’s third largest city whilst Antalya is it’s fifth, but don’t be duped into thinking it’s all big city style living…yes there’s an element of working life here but there’s a fabulous coastal vibe going on too, especially when you consider the Konyaalti and Lara beaches, both of which are excellent places to be in during the summer months.

If we are going to talk about enjoying the climate though, we can’t turn away from Bodrum and it’s districts, which are perfect all year round, becoming busy tourist destinations in the Summer when all the ‘summer amenities’ come alive, and offering more peaceful, tranquil (but still beautiful) vistas in the Winter. Of the districts in Bodrum, unless you love your party scene in which case you’d stay in or close to Gumbet, one highly popular area amongst the more mature expat is Yalikavak with it’s wide variety of activities and gatherings that take place throughout the year, including the excellent medical facilities on offer, the three shopping centres and the huge choice of bars/restaurants and other amenities for those nights outs with or without the family!

Do you enjoy the heat? Then if so you’d want to travel further East, and of course the further you go, the warmer it gets, and now we hit Fethiye, a gem of a port city in the area of Mugla. Quieter and less expensive than it’s counterparts, perfect if you want to just get away from it all, and have the ‘reclusive’ lifestyle…something that could work if you’ve been used to a hectic work life before choosing to re-locate.

Don’t worry we haven’t forgotten those that love their sports, so finally if you are after activities like climbing, hiking and nature walks then Hisaronu is perfect for this as it’s set up in the mountains, whilst on the other hand if you want paragliding and water sports then it’s Oludeniz, with its spectacular coastline.

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