The International Airport to The City Centre - By Metro!

Posted On: 21 October, 2020 In Blog

Over the last few months and years there has been a big push on increased infrastructure to meet the growing demand for improved travel options across Turkey, and recently work has started on a new metro line, from the International Airport to Istanbul.

With the new line due to start accepting passengers from April 2021, there are currently 4,500 people working on the construction, with the Kagithane-Istanbul section finishing first, followed by the Gayrettepe extension in 2022.

Adil Karaismailoglu, the Minister of Transport & Infrastructure visited the site and noted that ‘substantial effort had been spent for Turkey to develop and progress in terms of economy, social welfare, science and alike and become a world leader in many areas – this line will go some way to doing just that’. He went on to add that ‘in order to improve the quality of life in Istanbul, we have equipped the city with a modern metro network’.

Once the project has been complete, not only will the city have around 324km of track on the metro, but the airport will just be 30 minutes away from the centre, and it will be an increased speed as well due to the capabilities of the new line, and a speed increase from 80km to 120km per hour.

Nine stations on the line have already been completed, with many more due to follow, and we look forward to the day when the line opens.

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