The Red Fairies of Turkey

Posted On: 5 November, 2020 In Blog

Erzurum is one of the largest cities in the Eastern Anatolia region of Turkey, and it’s got a beautiful hidden secret, which, after much preparation and collaboration by the Governors office, the Metropolitan Municipality and the Narman Municipality, is ready to host up to 500,000 tourists per year, after hopefully overcoming the Covid pandemic.

A result of a geological process, which began millions of years ago, and only now being opened to the world, is the site of the ‘Red Fairies’, a natural wonder which is similar to the Grand Canyon in the US. Being described as the Narman Fairy Chimneys, it’s part of a canyon complex of which there are 12 in the local vicinity, and much work has been completed over the last few years to make way for tourists, which now include safe walking paths, and a restaurant.

Currently awaiting UNESCO World Heritage status, it’s a natural beauty and is a geologically unique place, according to Okay Memis, who is the Erzurum Governor. Speaking recently, he went on to add that it had been very difficult recently to attract people to the area but now with the new 3.5km road in place to the site, it’s a ‘very special location where we are working on the design of this place as a geo-park, and once finished there will be a one hour walking track and tourists will be able to rest, stay temporarily, eat their meals, taste local products and buy souvenirs’.

Further plans for activities in the area in order to increase their tourist capacity, include ATV safari, cycling tours and hot-air balloon rides.

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