Turkey's Automotive Exports Grow Despite Covid

Posted On: 11 November, 2020 In Blog

It’s not all doom and gloom during this Covid pandemic, and there are some key industries that have had some growth, albeit a small percentage increase. One of those sectors is Automotive exports which, when comparing to 2019, had an uplift of 0.5% and goods worth over $2.6bn.

Careful not to allow the virus to impact heavily on logistics and supply chains the industry has had to switch to alternative models and more efficient ways of working such as the further development of electric vehicles, value-added products and a large increase on technology.

Ismail Gulle who is the Chairman of the Turkish Exports Assembly is clear that focus has shifted onto sustainable production and that the Automotive Industry has now integrated into the global supply chain, meaning that Turkey itself no longer needs to rely on ‘technology imports’ as it ‘designs and produces it itself’.

He went on to add that ‘because we now live in a period which conventional trading methods have changed, it’s important that we have to adapt and transform our companies into ones that make quick decisions and enable flawless, efficient working methods’.

Of course, the longer term future is also being thought of here, and more young people are being encouraged to enter the sector with competitions such as the ‘Future of Automotive Design’ which allow for original & innovative projects to be turned into commercial projects that can further improve sustainability, and bring increased trade.   

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