Churches to be restored within the ruins of Kayakoy aka the Ghost Village

Posted On: 12 December, 2020 In Blog

Recent reports state that two historical churches located in Kayakoy ion Fethiye are going to be fully restored after 97 years. The ruins, often known as the ghost village, have infact around 400 houses, two churches and a few chapels.   

Kayakoy village was once the largest village in Turkey but back in 1923 when the Greek locals were subject to the population exchange between Turkey and Greece the Turks chose not to reside in Kayakoy, so the villlage has been abandoned ever since. Still the locals and tourists come to visit this historical attraction each year.  

The Kayakoy churches are part of the Mugla Culture and Tourism Directorate project and will be fully restored before its re-opening for visitors.

The Mugla Culture and Tourism Director Zekeriya Bingol stated that "Kayakoy attracts both local and foreign tourists with its settlement plan and historical structures. It is one of the most sensitive areas that needs to be protected."

Source: Hurriyet Daily News

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