Formula 1 Grand Prix back in Istanbul

Posted On: 14 November, 2020 In Blog

After 9 years of hiatus, Formula 1 Grand Prix has finally returned to Istanbul to complete its last preparations and video trailer for the exciting and long waited event which will take place on the 15th November.

For the video trailer Formula 1 cars where seen racing through the streets of Istanbul passing some of the cities most iconic places such as the Bosphorus coastline and the Galata Bridge. It has almost been a decade since Formula 1 came to Istanbul so onlookers could not wait to get the opportunity to take photos on their phones of this amazing event as they stood on the sidewalk.

Due to the coronovirus pandemic the Grand Prix will not have spectators, so it was the cities residents who could enjoy seeing the cars so close up. Even though officials of Turkey have expressed their disappointment in the fact there would be no spectators at the race, it will prove how Turkey can rise above and still go onto host this superb event during the pandemic.   

Minister Mehmet Kasapoglu has said that "the Formula 1 race on Nov. 15 will be a significant opportunity to promote Istanbul and Turkey, the nation’s Turkish youth and sports." He also stated that “Turkey is one of the countries that perform all kinds of events in the best way with warm hospitality in many sports branches and excellent facilities."

The minister also stated that “Sport means brotherhood, love, unity, and solidarity. These concepts are most beautifully expressing the spirit of this geography, our country, and this beloved nation.”

Governor of Istanbul Ali Yerlikaya has said that "it is unfortunate that the race would be held without spectators this season but he hopes that future races will have the audiences and show the capacity that Istanbul holds." He added "We want the whole world to see the power of Istanbul."

Confirmation from Formula 1 is still needed on its addition of the Turkish Grand Prix to the 2020 calendar, almost a decade after the last race which was held at the Istanbul Park track. Formula 1 Grand Prix was last held in Istanbul back in 2011 and was won by German pilot Sebastian Vettel. Due to financial disagreement shortly after Formula 1 decided to remove the Turkish Grand Prix.    

Reports have stated that organisers are still in talks with Intercity about the Turkish edition and that the race's date would be annouced soon. Intercity has been making a deal with Formula 1 to bring the Turkish Grand Prix back since 2017. 

A statement read "Our talks with the organizers have been going on nonstop to bring back grand prix races to Intercity Istanbul Park, which has often been called one of the best race tracks in the world. Due to the nondisclosure agreement we have signed with Formula One authorities, we are at a point in negotiations where we can't offer any additional information. Should the opportunity arise, we will further inform the public."

Sources: Hurriyet Daily News / Daily Sabah

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