View From The Submarine

Posted On: 16 November, 2017 In Blog

Making its maiden voyage in March of this year, the Nemo Primero is likely to attract a great deal of visitors over the coming year, eager to explore the depths of the underwater world close to Antalya.

The submarine which is 20 meters long and 4 meters wide can hold 48 passengers including crew and can dive to a depth of 35 meters, takes its name from the famous captain from the story 20,000 leagues under the sea.  It was originally built in Finland, but then found in Spain in 2012 and has been completely upgraded and modernised, it is one of only 30 such tourist submarines in the world, and it is here in Turkey.

The passengers taking the trips will have a great opportunity to view the underwater ship wrecks of the past. On one of the stops the  wreck is of the  St Didier a French ship sunk during World War 2  just off the coast of Antalya, can be seen it was carrying jeeps  weapons,  and other supplies,  so now with the introduction of the Nemo, there world underwater has opened up for many people to enjoy.  This particular area is extremely well known and popular with the more experienced scuba divers, so now it’s available to those who want to view in more comfortable surroundings and dry.

This is a great new attraction for the resort of Antalya, check it out in more detail  there is lots on offer here, see the link below:-