Celebrate at home Turkey style!!

Posted On: 31 December, 2020 In Blog

Families all over Turkey have begun to prepare to welcome in the year 2021 by..... staying home in front of the television PTT-style, an abbreviation from a joke back in the 1970's meaning "pyjama, terlik, television" which means paiamas, slippers and lying in front of the TV. 

As all new year celebrations have been cancelled this year due to the pandemic of Covid 19, families have decided to go out shopping for nibbles and snacks such as nuts and cookies as they prepare to celebrate the new year at home with their loved ones.

For a family of four are celebrating new years at home, around 200 Turkish Liras ($27) will be spent on their new years food which will consist of rice, salad, soup, a main, a dessert and then followed by nuts and fruit as a snack. As there are restrictions within hotels, restuarants and venues due to Covid 19, people are already out shopping in a rush to make sure they can get everything for their new year at home.    

People are going out to make sure they have everything they need for their celebration. For example, one kilogram of sunflower seeds, salted nuts and roasted chickpeas will cost around 40 liras ($5.5), but snacks such as pistachios, cashews, almonds and hazelnuts will cost around 90 liras ($12).

The Turks do enjoy fruit after their meals so for example one kilogram of apple, pear, quince, tangerine and orange will cost around 15 liras ($2), but for fruits like strawberries, bananas and pineapples the cost will be higher.

Usually a family of four would spend up to 200 liras ($27), the total amount can vary between 300 liras ($40) and 700 liras ($94) for new years tables filled with a wide variety of products.

Engin Sar who is an owner of a dried fruit counter in a market has stated that the increase of shoppers for new years eve has lifted his sales. Engin stated that "Our sales are intense, as people will spend New Year’s Eve at home due to the coronavirus. Mixed cookies are commonly sold. Chickpeas, peanuts and seeds are also in demand. Prices have increased compared to last year." He added that customers have been spending between 200 to 500 liras ($27 and $60).

Arzu Savas, a local shopper at the market picked up products to enjoy a good night in with her family on new years and she emphasized how celebrations are all about being with the ones we love and enjoying that precious quality time. Savas stated “I visited the market. It is expensive, but I have allocated a budget to spend on New Year’s Eve. I bought mixed cookies and seeds. We will spend New Year’s Eve at home and celebrate as a family."

Source: Hurriyet Daily News

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