Ski Tourists for Turkey

Posted On: 19 January, 2021 In Blog

Turkey is not just for enjoying the sunshine, the beaches and the historical sites, it’s also very well known in the world of Skiing, and has 8 resorts including Uludag & Erciyes which tend to attract millions of visitors each winter.

Covid-19 has of course had an effect on tourism and travel, however, with the restrictions across the rest of Europe tightening, tourists from the likes of Russia, Ukraine, Poland & the Czech Republic set their sights on reaching Turkey, and let’s be clear, it’s not because there aren’t any restrictions at all here, but it’s because the restrictions they have in place have been working very well, and the measures they have implemented across the tourism industry as a whole such as the ‘Safe Tourism Certificate’ have been well received.

To combat the spread of the virus most of the resorts operate a strict ‘ticket only’ entry onto the Ski runs, and these are sold online for the first time. Burak Beceren who is a partner at the Uludag Ski Centre said that ‘our system is limited to 3,000 tickets for this year, and it seems that we will easily sell all’. He also went on to add that ‘in another innovation skiing clothes and some accessories will only be sold instead of rented for hygiene purposes’

In order to prepare & grow over the next few years, investments into the ski-resorts are also taking place throughout the Winter, especially in Erciyes where they have plans to have space for double the amount of tourists within two years, with the construction of a new hotel.

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