A Positive Outlook for Turkey's Health Tourism

Posted On: 26 January, 2021 In Blog

Optimism is a word that we use cautiously at the moment, but the news coming out of Turkey right now from the Tourism Industry experts, is that even with the pandemic in 2020, and its continuation this year, Turkey survived with minimal damage, and are looking towards a more stable forecast for the latter months of 2021. Let’s be a little bit clearer though, they aren’t talking about Tourism in the form that we know it, they are talking about one of the more modern forms of the Industry, which is in Health & Well Being.

Valued at around $3bn (based on figures from 2019), there was around a 20% loss in revenue for 2020 so when comparing this with the rest of the tourism as a whole, it’s not a bad outcome, resulting in a net revenue of $2.5bn, of which $1.3bn came from just hair transplantation treatments.

According to Turkey’s Health Tourism Association Chairperson Servet Terziler, they ‘saw a significant acceleration in the number of patients coming from abroad in July, August & September, with the largest increase in October’. He went on to add that the reason the optimism has come about is due the new targets for health tourism which will include ‘the Asian region, beginning with India, China, Indonesia, Malaysia and Japan’.

‘Health Tourism’ as it’s known is still very much in it’s infancy (even with a $3bn price tag) but with more people seeking treatments in oncology, orthopaedics and aesthetics there will undoubtedly be more investment to come and Turkey will be ‘unbeatable’ in terms of it’s offerings in this growing marketplace.

As things hopefully return to normal soon and the vaccination programs are successful then almost every sector in this Industry is likely to continue growing especially from existing markets in Europe and Scandinavia,  and along with their search for new markets it’s looking positive!

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