MG Cars set to return to the Turkish Market

Posted On: 20 January, 2021 In Blog

The iconic British Mg Car manufacture is set to be returning to the Turkish Market this year with state of the art electric cars. Turkish news site Haberturk has stated that Dogan Trend Otomotiv which is sister of Dogan Holding, will be distributing the new brand. 

According to Kagan Dagtekin, the CEO of Dogan Holding Automotive Group, their goal is to pre-sell the electric SUV model ZS EV online this January and all deliveries are to start in May. Their aim is to market a variety of MG models throughout 2021 in Turkey with sales targets of 1,000 units. CEO Kagan Dagtekin is hoping that by 2022 both gasoline and electric sedan models will be on the Turkish market.

During its early years the MG was known for its sportive cars, but then went on to operate under several autmotive groups such as British Motor Corporation, British Leyland and Rover and eventually became a brand which created sportive versions of the Rover models.

MG became bankrupt in the early 2000's and its name was sold to a Chinese Nanjing Automobile Group in 2005 for a whopping £53 million. The brand name was then bought again two years later by SAIC Motor Corp, one of China's largest automobile manufacturers. With MG being under SAIC it was able to gain access into the Asian market where it had never sold before.  

Cars that are produced for both European and Turkish markets are infact manufactured in Chinese facilities. SAIC Motor Corp has produced an annual output of 7 million units and has gone on to produce 350,000 units of MG cars in 2020 making it the world's seventh-largest automobile manufacturer.  

CEO Dagtekin has stated that MG sold a total of 30,000 units throughout Europe in 2020 and the goal is to sell 50,000 units this year.

Even during the current pandemic that has hit countries throughout the world, MG has began to sell again in European countries such as France, Belgium, Austria, Denmark, Iceland, Norway, Sweden and the UK. Soon MG is hoping to sell again in Turkey, Germany, Spain, Italy, Portugal and Ireland.  

Source: Daily Sabah

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