Bodrum - The New Investment Capital for Turkey

Posted On: 1 March, 2021 In Blog

Recently, Bodrum has become the centre of attention for the Investment world, as it aims to attract nearly 2.5 million tourists alone over the course of this year, which would generate an approximate revenue of nearly $5bn USD.

Whilst the majority of investments have come from the private sector, the government has been chipping in too, with more infrastructure, hotels, hospitals, gyms and schools, and as a result the Mayor of Bodrum, Ahmet Aras has concluded that ‘current confidence in the region’s potential is very high’.

He went on to add that ‘While tourism and services are the peninsula’s most important sources of income, diversification into other areas was welcome’ and over the last few months this has been proven by the growing interest in agricultural tourism such as country farms and vineyards and other outdoor areas such as within Maritime.

Business Events will also be hot on the agenda too, with a push on trying to attract larger companies to host meetings and conferences in Bodrum, and there are plenty of venues & hotels available, ready to meet the high standards that are always demanded and expected in the business world.

Since the global coronavirus pandemic Bodrum has been one of the hardest hit, losing 75% of it’s tourism, but, as Winter heads into Spring, and as Spring heads into Summer, there is certainly a renewed sense of positivity, and if things continue on this trajectory, the hope is that the loss will easily be recovered by 2022.

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