Surge in Travel Bookings Could mean a very strong Summer

Posted On: 16 March, 2021 In Blog

Well, it’s nearing the middle of March and it’s about the time that people start to think about their much deserved Summer vacations, and the travel industry is set for a huge kick start recovery, as bookings have jumped 600% since the UK announced that it would look to end travel restrictions on the 17th May.

EasyJet, TUI and Jet2 have all seen massive increases for flights, and there’s a surge in both self-accommodation such as villa or apartment rentals & full accommodation such as Hotels. EasyJet themselves have noticed a 300% percent rise, TUI have noted a 500% rise and Jet2 reported a 600% rise.

Many businesses across the Industry have had a very troubled 12 months with many fearing for the future as Covid-19 took hold, and though many governments came out in support of the fledgling industry, owners still worried about the length of the time that restrictions would be in place for. The surge in bookings therefore does two things, firstly it shows that there is ‘light at the end of the tunnel, easing those fears, and secondly it spreads positivity and shows that though the pandemic put a dampener on it, demand for overseas travel is still very high.

Though there is a review planned for the 12th April, which will determine whether the 17th May is indeed the date when travel will be allowed to resume, most of the popular destinations have been booked already, of which Turkey is included, and also – more recently, with an increasing number of countries announcing that they are happy to allow UK tourists in (with proof of a negative test), the hope is that the bookings will continue, and it can be a very profitable & enjoyable Summer.

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