Turkish Airlines Cargo Carries Covid Vaccinations Across the World

Posted On: 26 March, 2021 In Blog

‘We have a capacity of 40 million doses of Covid-19 vaccines daily’. Those were the words of Turhan Ozen, the deputy general manager of Cargo at Turkish Airlines. Contributing massively to the supply chain during the pandemic Turkish Airlines has carried vaccines from India to the Democratic Republic of Congo, from Amsterdam to Kyiv, Tblisi & Amman, and from Istanbul to Brazil.

Recognising the important global mission at hand, they’ve also assisted UNICEF throughout the pandemic delivering medical supplies, food, PPE, and medicine worldwide, and have worked at a steady pace, which has allowed the supply chain to keep moving efficiently, with hardly any delays reported across the global network.

Named Europe’s best air cargo brand last November was a huge achievement for the already successful airline, which currently reaches more than 300 destinations and as it continues to grow and develop it aims to become one of the top five brands by 2023.

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