New cable car project set to boost tourism in Fethiye

Posted On: 1 April, 2021 In Blog

It has been announced that the brand new cable car project in Fethiye is being officially named the 'Fethiye Skywalk' according to the Chamber of Commerce President Osman Cirali.

The 'Fethiye Skywalk' will carry passengers to the amazing summit of Babadga Mountain and will promise the most spectacular views from the clear turquoise waters in Oludeniz to the Babadag Mountains. As you reach the summit you will be able to enjoy paragliding over the beach and the world famous blue lagoon in Oludeniz. 

The journey will begin from Ovacik and will make its way up to the top of the Babadag Mountain. The journey is said to take around 7 minutes.

Within one hour 500 passengers will be able to be carried from Ovacik to Babadag. It has been reported that the cable car will be able to carry a million passengers each year once the current COVID 19 pandemic has eased.

The 'Fethiye Skywalk' is hopefully going to help reduce the traffic of motor vehicles up to the summit of Babadag Mountain.  

This new addition to Fethiye will for sure make a great impact on its tourism sector. It is already being expected to increase tourism in Fethiye by 30-40%.    

Sources: Railly News and Fethiye Property World

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