Week 5!! Lets go on an adventure to the magical Cappadocia

Posted On: 18 May, 2021 In Blog

Located in Central Anatolia the Cappadocia is one of Turkey's much loved tourists destinations.

The Cappadocia is the most unique site with its rock formations resembling an incredible moon-like landscape which have formed over thousands of years due to wind erosion. The whole site is truly magical. You can enjoy exploring its fairy chimneys, cave churches, deep valleys and rock cut-out monasteries. It really does look like something out of a fairy tale.

To fully appreciate the beauty within the Cappadocia the most highly recommended activity to do is a hot-air ballooon trip. Take a trip as the sun is rising, you can marvel in the beauty below and all around. You can enjoy floating over the historic caves of Goreme Town and the lunar landscaped. Being up in the air and being surrounded by hundreds of other balloons is truly a spectacular experience.

Another great activity to do is hiking as there are plenty of trails which can take you through the ancient valleys and into the underground cities. There is a terrific trail which includes Meskindir and Rose Valley leading you through to an ancient church in one of the caves. At sunset the sandstone ridges glow a beautiful pink shade. Along the way you will pass amazing cave dwellings and sandstone rock formations. A hike past Red Valley is also a must with its sandstone ridges glowing vibrant red as the sun is setting. Trekking and exploring this incredible landscaped is a superb experience and a favourite activity for many.

There are many places to visit and landmarks to see at Cappadocia.

There is the Uchisar Castle located at the highest point in Cappadocia and situated just 5 kilometres from Goreme. The very top of the castle boasts stunning panoramic views of the beautiful surroundings and distant views of Mount Erciyes. The castle is filled with rooms that have been hollowed out into the rock and are all connected via tunnels, passages and stairs. Some of the rooms are not able to be reached due to erosion.

Explore Pasabag Valley and its fairy chimneys. Pasabag which used to be known as "The Monks Valley" is located along the road to Zelve, on the right side of Goreme-Avanos main road. You will see many incredible pillars and peculiar chimneys dotted around all of which are located in the middle of a vinyeard. Back in ancient times some of the chimneys were carved to make chapels and seating areas.    

Don't miss out on a visit to the Goreme Open Air Museum. This rocky settlement hosted monastery life between the 4th to the 13th century DC and became an UNESCO World Heritage Site back in 1985. The museum is one of the nost popular places to visit in the Cappadocia.  You will be able to enjoy exploring rock-cut Byzantine cave churches that were used by monks and nuns back in the day. You will also be able to see chapels, dining halls, sitting rooms and enjoy looking at all the frescoes and paintings that date back to the 10th century.   

One of the must see landmarks of the Cappadocia is the Derinkuyu, the underground city. The city was discovered in 1963 when a man found a hidden room behind a wall in his home. After plenty of digging the man discovered a hidden city. Derinkuyu has eight floors and reaches depths of over 280 feet. It is filled with cave rooms and tunnels. Over 600 entrances to Derinkuuyu have been found within courtyards and private residences. The site was opened up for visitors in 1969.   

So if you and your family are looking for a bit of outdoors fun and adventure then look no further than the Cappadocia!!

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