12 million tourists in Two Years for Turkeys Biggest Mosque

Posted On: 7 June, 2021 In Blog

The Mosque – an imposing but highly valued symbol of faith within the Muslim community and a place for prayer, quiet reflection and meetings with both family & friends. There are hundreds of Mosque’s throughout Turkey to provide for its large Muslim population, but the largest one (only recently completed in 2013) also attracts both domestic & international tourism given its grand design & location within the city, to the point where since it opened two years ago, even despite the pandemic, the Camlica Mosque has now attracted around 12 million visitors.

Dedicated to the Seljuk Turks Victory in 1071, four of the six Minarets are 107 metres in height, and also in recognition of the number of different communities that live in Turkey the central dome is 72 metres high. The main gate is also the largest in the world at 5 metres wide and 6.5 metres high.

The Camlica Mosque actually has a total capacity of 63,000 with room for 25,000 to pray indoors at any given time, although due to restrictions at the moment, that figure is down to around 5000. Within the complex there are also 8 workshops, an art gallery, a library, a conference hall and an indoor parking lot, plus there are plans to add in a museum.

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