It's all in a days work – Bodrum

Posted On: 19 January, 2018 In Blog

When you work in Bodrum you expect to see the rich and the famous, last week my colleague and I saw this lovely yacht lit up inall its splender in the Bay of Bodrum,  it stood out as it sat tall at the edge of the harbour between Bodrum Castle and Black Island.

It was interesting to learn that it is owned by Russian Billionaire, Aleksander Machkevitch and ranks amongst on the most luxurious yachts in the work.

The 3 story “ Lady Lara” is 91 meters long with 3 swimming pools a small submarine its own restaurant and bar, and 26 personnel and is worth a cool 150 million US Dollars. 

The owner and his family did venture into Bodrum itself it is reported they spent 75,000 USD for shopping and 35,000 for food and drinks, before leaving to continue its tour of the lovely Aegean.

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Souce: Local Bodrum Paper

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