A 'More Than Pleasant Experience' For Expats in Turkey During Covid-19

Posted On: 29 June, 2021 In Blog

It’s been tough on everyone over the last 12-15 months with the Covid Pandemic but for some British Expats who chose to stay in Turkey during this period couldn’t have been more happy about doing so. Didim, which is situated in the western province of Aydin, is one of the most popular expat hubs in the whole of Turkey, with around 2500 expats here, from a total population of around 90,000.

Talking about the country’s health care and social support services as one of the main decisions to stay Helene McGowan, who has been a resident of the area for the last 13 years said that ‘It was not a difficult process and it has been easy thanks to the support of the municipality, local government and police’.

Social groups and local government staff who usually help with Turkish Citizens have reached out to the expats in the area, and carried out all necessary duties including deliveries & trips to the vaccination centres especially during the lockdown& curfews when people weren’t allowed out of their homes.

The vaccination campaign has ramped up in Turkey over recent weeks, and they’ve been careful to include everyone who’s eligible, which in most cases also involves expats, and so far official stats show that over 884 expats have been inoculated. Both Helene and her Husband have been part of the 884, and they had no problems, fully recommending the service & fully recommending Turkey as a perfect holiday or full time living destination.

Another expat, who was happy to give his thoughts, is Alan Mitchell who has lived in Didim with his wife Sandra Jane for the last 15 years. They also decided to stay during the pandemic, and they were happy to do so. They received both their jabs, and mentioned that ‘Turkey was safe during the pandemic and restrictions were well-organized – it’s been a smooth process’.

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