Turkey is a Safe Haven for Commercial Investors

Posted On: 2 July, 2021 In Blog

If you are a commercial Investor looking to launch a business in Turkey, then it’s probably one of the safest harbours around, due to the country offering a highly qualified workforce, high amounts of support & help and an ‘Investor Friendly’ environment where businesses can quickly accelerate growth and generate healthy profits.

These were the words of Fuat Oktay, Turkey’s Vice President who recently signed off a new cooperation deal with Tatarstan and Tatneft, a leading company in the world of Petrochemicals. Highlighting many examples of success, he spoke well of the Turkey Economy saying that it displayed a ‘very successful performance’ even during the harsh realities of the Covid-19 pandemic, over the last 15 months.

The deal with Tatarstan will essentially provide infrastructure, training and consultancy to entrepreneurs in the fields of mobility, IT and gaming, whilst Tatneft will include support for a production facility that the company plans to establish in Turkey.

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