Tourists Return to Turkey’s Shores in their Thousands!

Posted On: 8 July, 2021 In Blog

Foreign visitors have started flocking back to Turkey – now that countries have eased restrictions and lifted flight bans which is a sigh of relief for many of the businesses that rely on International Tourism to survive.

Compared with May 2020, when there were just 29,829 visitors to Turkey’s shore, this May there was a huge 936,282 tourists which equates to a percentage increase of just over 3000%, clearly demonstrating a continued interest in overseas travel, which is also a huge boost for Airports and Airlines Internationally. Arrivals to Turkey were still down between January to May, when compared to 2019, but the positive signs are there for all to see.

If we delve a little deeper into the May numbers it shows that Ukraine actually topped the list bringing around 236,000, Germany was second with 95,000, then Bulgaria with 57,000 and Iran & Iraq with around 88,000 between them. It’s not surprising to see that the number of Russians (usually brings in the most number of visitors per year) fell quite dramatically with Moscow introducing a 2 month suspension on flights to Turkey in April, due to the number of Covid Cases.

Since Moscow lifted the ban however, there have been quite a large number of Russians starting to arrive, boosting hopes of a ‘continued and good summer recovery’.

In other positive news France has removed Turkey from it’s Red List, meaning that French travellers can now visit Turkey if they wish, and Germany has also removed Turkey from it’s list of high-risk countries, the hope now of course is that other European countries and the UK look at doing the same.

One of the reasons for the easing of restrictions is down to Turkey’s continued successful rollout of the vaccination with more than 1 million doses being given out per day over the recent couple of weeks.

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